Sandi Eveleth

I have seen Internet marketers come and go. Jo Barnes and The Social Networking Academy is, by far, the best value for learning Internet marketing and social media marketing techniques of anything I have seen in cyberspace. Jo really cares about the members of her site and works very hard at providing tremendous support for us so that we may find the same success in our businesses. I recommend her site to all my online and offline marketing entrepreneur friends!

Mike Sparrow

You want to make some money in social media, have a great idea/product, but aren't sure how to market your product, then SNA is the best investment you'll ever make. SNA's special membership special is money wisely spent...and you'll get that investment back in weeks. Best of luck to all you entrepreneurs.

Julia Harris

The SNA is awesome, I'm a lifetime member and I would recommend it to anyone who has a presence online. Jo Barnes is fantastic and so is the whole community. Its definitely one of the best investments I have made and I can't wait for the new improved SNA!

Ellie Walsh

I just joined 2 days ago... and already I am very happy I'm In! Great information on the site now... Plus a whole new revamp for 2013! I know I made a great decision to join! ;)

Linda Candy

Best thing I ever did joining the SNA (I have a lifetime membership) - I have gone from being a total novice in everything to do with Social Media to fully understanding how people use it to promote and market their services and products and it wasn't hard the videos and tutorials are presented in such a fashion that it is easy to follow step by step.

Vikki Ede

I have been in the SNA from the start and following the amazing Jo Barnes since having the pleasure to meet her some 2 1/2 years ago. She has a wonderful personality and is so full of life with the most engaging laugh that we hear frequently. There is so much content within the SNA that I have to admit I feel I have barely scratched the surface in my travels through the site and that's not even mentioning the private Facebook group where I have made some great friends from all around the globe. If ever I have something I am struggling with, I just pop in there, post it up and invariably someone comes up with the answer! My most brilliant investment EVER! Thanks to Jo and the Team :D

Anthony Smith

ABSOLUTELY the best investment in my venture into learning Social Media and Social Media Marketing. Looking forward to going into 2013 with THE best online business mentor. Jo, you and the SNA are truly a blessing to anyone wanting to start an online business!

Lori Jill

There is such much content inside the SNA and I am very happy I have been a member for a couple of years now. The community of people, knowledge, and helpfulness within the SNA community is worth every penny. Jo Barnes is a REAL person with a big heart, not some "scamming marketing guru" that you wish you hadn't subscribed to. I always look forward to her emails and appreciate all the education I get from being a member.

Victoria Thornton

I am now a lifetime member of SNA. Why? Because Jo Barnes is authentic, REAL and so very knowledgeable. She is constantly updating, so you get the most current information. The SNA site is full of detailed training that you can actually understand and use. The SNA community is by far the best group of people I have met, always will to help you out, share your success and support you. Jo's team is on top of it, always available to answer questions quickly. I can't say enough great things about SNA and Jo Barnes. I highly recomment this to everyone.

Dave Jones

Lifetime member for probably the best value site, back up and support to be had anywhere. Don't think you can sit back and hide though because Jo will come looking for you! :-)

Julie Zommers

I think the greatest thing about the SNA is about connection and support, apart from the great informative videos of which there are hundreds. I no longer feel like I 'work from home on my own', I feel like I have a global 'office' where I can pop into at anytime to shoot everyone a quick question, help someone else or just have a quick catch up to see how everyone else is going. Stay Fantastic Jo!

Hendrik Rabie

The SNA is definately the place to be if you need a wealth of information on Socail Media and with Jo's neverending energy it's always a pleasure to be part of the journey.

Walter Erich Wilhelm

Great job with SNA, it's likely the most comprehensive I have seen in over 10 years working online.

Roger Shane

SNA has been the best place that I have found in the IM realm, for a healthy balance, of professionalism and reality without the fluff.

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